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Find Reliable News in Tumultuous Times - 4 Trusted Sources

How do you find news you can trust? I have found these four sources to provide information that is reliable, and, maybe more importantly, properly sourced.

In the modern world, information travels at unprecedented speeds. News sources play a pivotal role in shaping our understanding of current events and the world around us. Unfortunately, many are produced more for entertainment than factual news. The importance of news sources cannot be overstated, as they serve as the watchdogs of democracy, often described as the "fourth pillar of government.".

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White House Statements and Releases

For all that is happening in our government, go right to the source - The White House.

The White House's official website has historically played a vital role in sharing information with the public, including press releases, fact sheets, executive orders, speeches, and other communications from the President and the administration. This is an up-to-date and comprehensive resource.

For example, read President Biden's complete speech from his visit to Philadelphia. Not just sound bites that could be out of context.

Another informative part of the White House site is the list of the State Fact Sheets. Click on any state and read about the investments, federal and private, being made in that state due to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

Heather Cox Richardson

Dr. Heather Cox Richardson is a professor of history at Boston College, with a PhD from Harvard University, specializing in the American Civil War and the Reconstruction Era.

She began daily commentary in September 2019, posting a written synopsis of the political events of each day. Eventually, the daily briefs become the newsletter, "Letters from an American" published on social media and Substack. Her dedication to historical accuracy comes through, and she often links current events to parallel events in our nation's past. Her letters are meticulously researched and there are links to all sources for verification.

Interviewing President Biden (Photo credit: Adam Schultz)

In her newsletter on May 29, 2023. Dr. Cox Richardson draws a direct comparison from actions today to fascist strategies described in pamphlets distributed by the War Department to troops fighting in Europe in World War II.

"The only way to stop the rise of fascism in the United States, the document said, “is by making our democracy work and by actively cooperating to preserve world peace and security.” In the midst of the insecurity of the modern world, the hatred at the root of fascism “fulfills a triple mission.” By dividing people, it weakens democracy. “By getting men to hate rather than to think,” it prevents them “from seeking the real cause and a democratic solution to the problem.” By falsely promising prosperity, it lures people to embrace its security."

Jay Kuo

Jay Kuo is the CEO and founder of Social Edge, and he is on the Board of Directors of the Human Rights Campaign. Kuo is the composer, lyricist, and playwright of Allegiance, a musical based on actor George Takei's experience during the Japanese internment during World War II.

A graduate of the UC Berkeley School of Law, Kuo summarizes the legal issues in the news. His analyses and explanations are particularly useful in understanding terms in the news like the "Target Letter" and "Conspiracy Against Rights." He's described his work as a "deep dive" into the issues in plain language, and I agree! Look for Kuo on social media, or subscribe to his Substack.

Jay Kuo, from the About section of his Substack page.
This is a particularly troubling development for any democracy. Our system is supposed to function by way of majority, elected rule—and not via edicts from a star chamber. Interference in the legislative or executive process is rightfully viewed by many as a power grab, especially when the Court’s decisions are doing the heavy lifting for the party out of power. It is a form of minority rule, and it is antithetical to democratic principles.

Dan Rather

Dan Rather is an iconic figure in the field of journalism, renowned for his illustrious career spanning over six decades. With a distinctive voice and unwavering commitment to truth-seeking, Rather is still one of America's most trusted and respected news anchors. A "traditional journalist," he reported on some of the most significant events in modern history, earning accolades for his coverage of national and international affairs.

Rather with his latest book. Photo from his Facebook page.

Rather is active on social media and publishes on Substack as well. From his essay on July 4, 2023:

Our national story has been relatively brief when compared to the histories of other nations. But it has been especially eventful. We can point to ample evidence that as we have grown more diverse, more democratic, and more fair, we have been strengthened as a nation.

I hope these sources will be helpful to understand the complexity of today's news, without the drama served on most cable programs.

Disclaimer: I received no compensation from any of these sources - these are my own recommendations. I read all four of these sources daily!

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