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5 Delightful Karen-Themed Gifts to Purchase This Year

Is there a Karen in your life? Or maybe you are a Karen, just like me. Keep this list handy when it's gift-giving time!

I'm proud to be named Karen, despite the almost-constant disparagement of the name. To counter the negative associations, in the last few years I've sought out products that celebrate the name Karen. The top five are listed below. Let me know if you have a great Karen product recommendation.

(Important disclaimer: I purchased all these products myself and my recommendations are my own opinions.)

Karenough shirt

I immediately thought getting one of these personalized shirts when I saw a picture of a young man in a "Benough" hoodie. A custom tshirt vendor from Etsy was happy to create a tye-dye shirt just for me. Contact Gigi at The Shirts You Want Shop and tell her the Internet's Best Karen sent you!

Modeling my custom tshirt. (Karen Herbert photo)

Karen Romanko Books

I grew up on television, and I bet most Karens did, too. When I found Karen Romanko's content on social media, I was hooked! She runs a few Facebook pages featuring classic television shows and I've learned a lot of "behind the scenes" information. She's published a few books that are excellent references to all things related to television.

Detective shows are my favorite genre. Romanko writes this about a classic show: "Placing a homespun newcomer among the worldly spies was a comic masterstroke, and the crackling chemistry between the leads transitions beautifully from humorous exasperation to something deeper." (Television's Female Spies and Crimefighters: 600 Characters and Shows, 1950s to the Present, p. 232) Can you guess the show? I'll put the answer at the end of this article.*

Check her out on bookselling websites, on Facebook, or her website.

Cover of Romanko book (screenshot from my Kindle)

Karen Hallion Art

Karen Hallion is an artist and illustrator whose "She Series" came to my attention a few years ago. She creates inspiring and detailed profiles of real heroes, television characters, and other pop culture icons. Hallion's art includes posters, prints, enamel pins and more. To celebrate Women's History, her She Series book is marked down all month long, 40% off.

Here's her website with links to shop and to follow her on social media.

My She Series poster in my office (Karen Herbert photo)

Karen Capenter Music

Brother and sister vocal duo of the 1970s, Richard and Karen Carpenter, won numerous awards during their careers. Karen Carpenter had an incredible three-octave range, though many of the duo's hits feature her lower contralto voice. Two of Carpenters' signature songs, “Close to You” and “We've Only Just Begun,” have been voted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. It's likely one or both of those songs played at the wedding of any Karen during the 70s, 80s, or even 90s. I owned the LP "Close to You" and played it often. Lots of memories to be unlocked playing these tunes.

Publicity photo of Karen Carpenter 1973, first published in Billboard Magazine, now accessed via Wikipedia

Karen Puzzles

I found Karen Puzzles on Instagram searching for other Karens to follow. I love jigsaw puzzles and hadn't known solving jigsaws is a competitive sport before. This Karen has a Youtube channel all about puzzles and competed in the World Finals in Spain! Recently, she posted about her own "Karen Puzzles" available at retail stores. I was happy to purchase this one at the local Barnes & Noble!

These five gift ideas cover pop culture, books, art, music, and puzzles. Any Karen (yourself included) would be happy to receive a gift created by another Karen.

*Answer: Scarecrow and Mrs. King, starring Kate Jackson and Bruce Boxleitner.

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