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Why Karen writes about Karens

It all started like this...

It started as a joke – some of my friends teased me about my hurt feelings about all the “Karen” memes. They insisted that I was the “Internet’s Best Karen” and one even sent me a mug to prove it. I asked my young millennial son how to be less of a “Karen.” He was amused but his answers and our conversation that followed formed the idea for this blog.

We are in a divisive time in our nation; one that has its roots in anti-intellectualism. I want to fix that by sharing my life experiences via this blog. It's my stand up moment to prove Karens can be a valuable asset to the racial inequalities, climate issues, and general lack of humanity that seems to abound at every turn.

A multitude of topics are on my list, from breaking down the stereotypes about “Karenism” and Baby Boomers, to helping Trump supporters survive the Biden presidency.”

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