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First Year Blogiversary – 5 Firsts & What’s Next for Internet’s Best Karen

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

This month marks the first anniversary of the Internet’s Best Karen blog! What started as a fun nickname given by my friends led to the creation of a positive internet presence.

Why Karen Writes About Karens

As I said when the blog was launched: We are in a divisive time in our nation; one that has its roots in anti-intellectualism. I want to fix that by sharing my life experiences via this blog. It's my stand-up moment to prove Karens can be a valuable asset to the racial inequalities, climate issues, and general lack of humanity that seems to abound at every turn.

Since then, I’ve written fifteen blog posts on diverse topics from politics to travel to the popular “Karenisms.” I've set a goal for 25-30 posts in 2022!

First Year Firsts

1. First Karenism

"The universal impatience attributed to white Boomer-age women has become legendary. Fast food restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, wherever and whenever. From the plethora of memes available, I believe that there are plenty of rude Karens out there. Click above to read the entire analysis of this Karenism."

2. First foray into amplifying anti-racism efforts

This article highlighted three authors (Nikole Hannah-Jones, Rachel Elizabeth Cargle, Iljeomo Oluo) and concluded with these words from Cargle.

"I’ve come up with my own personal equation for what it means to be an ally: Knowledge + Empathy + Action. It’s these three things that you must bring together in order to truly show up in solidarity. Taking out any part of that equation leads to either the ego or to performance. Both of those there is no room for when lives are on the line." (Cargle)

3. First Guest author

My friend, Katie Bennett, Certified Nurse Midwife, wrote this important guest post. She explained the morning after pill and also IUD insertion as two possible means to prevent pregnancy on an emergency basis. To learn more, click above.

Your vote is your voice on Reproductive Rights! The Supreme Court recently heard oral arguments in a Mississippi case regarding limiting a woman’s right to safe and legal abortion. Contact your state elected officials and let them know that you want them to uphold Roe vs. Wade, which has been the law of the land since 1973 for over four decades.

4. First Key Political Issue

"Boomers claim that they worked their way through college, and if they did get loans, paid them back without complaint. But this meme, comparing tuition and the minimum wage in 1970 and 2018, clearly illustrates the different economic realities."

5. First Feminist Issue

"What does a religious nun, a professional basketball player, and a country music star have in common? All three are women who have been in the news (and my Facebook feed) recently. All three are women who have used their gifts and talents for a greater purpose than personal glory. Certainly noteworthy, and in celebration of Women's History Month, let me tell you a little about each one." Click above to read about Sister Simone Campbell, Renee Montgomery, and Dolly Parton and why they are Noteworthy Women.

What’s Next in 2022?

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