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"Somewhere:" an inspiring poem as the new year begins

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

I am honored to present an inspiring work of poetry written by my friend, Shoshana Edwards. Her words encompass beginnings, endings, and all the wondrous experiences of life in between.


by Shoshana Edwards

Somewhere a baby is crying its first cry, pulling in its first breath, Unfamiliar feelings torture its soul, until someone wraps it tight, Swaddled in blankets, warm; and held next to a beating heart, A familiar sound and all seems well.

Somewhere a grandmother breathes her last breath, Eyes fixed upon the man she has loved for countless hours and days and years. Surrounded by children and grandchildren, hands comforting her As she breathes goodbye to love and wonder and pain.

Somewhere a couple, joined together in love and trust Has their first orgasm together, first one, crying out in joy and anguish and pleasure As the other thrusts again and again, joining in that overwhelming burst Of organic bliss and pain and taste of heaven.

Somewhere, everywhere Life begins and ends and ebbs and swells And all that ever was and ever will be Is wrapped up in one eternal, glorious gift.

Awake, my people. Lift your eyes to the heavens. The sun has risen, the moon is full, the sky lightens, the stars shine bright. This magic ball on which we walk and crawl and run and love and kill Demands that we be grateful, else we lose it all.

Somewhere, new life begins. A new earth is born, even as another dies. We are not forever; we are only here for a while. Be still, my children, and hear the pulse of creation. We are the universe, born in a burst of stars Whirling out into space, gathering planets as they fly And when the circling starts, the gyre and gimble controlled, The seas and land make known their presence. And out of the sea comes life. Somewhere. Everywhere different. Is there love wherever life begins? Is this thing called love a human construct Or an eternal truth found wherever life begins? What joy that we have minds that ask such questions, Contemplate such wonder.


About the author

Shoshana Edwards is the author of the Harper's Landing Trilogy (Occult America), published by Prince of Cats Literary Productions and available on Amazon. This is the link to her Amazon page.

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